2nd Conference Open Software for Geodesy
On 13-14 May 2010 the Institute and the Polish Chapter of OSGeo hold the 2nd Conference of the series of Open Software for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science conferences: "New Trends and Perspectives". The sessionns will take place in the Jan Paweł II Hall in the Education and Research Centre of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The chairman of the organizing committee is dr inż. Adam Iwaniak. More information about the Conference :

Magdalena Niemiec supported by Foundation for Polish Science
MSc. Magdalena Niemiec is supported by the Foundation of Polish Science in Parent-Brigde Programme. The Parent-Bridge Programme provides to support for women conducting research projects during pregnancy, where the nature of the work could affect their pregnancy. The Programme is co-financed from EU structural funds under Action 1.2 ‘Strengthening the human resources potential of science' of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013. More info:

The Polish National Committee for International Cartographic Association (ICA)
Prof. Halina Klimczak, Dr. Joanna Bac-Bronowicz and Dr. Adam Iwaniak are invited to participate in the meeting of the Polish National Committee for International Cartographic Association (ICA). The meeting takes place on February 4, 2010 in the Polish Geodesy and Cartography Institute in Warsaw.

GPS and cadastre conference at Brno University of Technology
On February 4, 2010, Brno University of Technology organizes the Conference “Satellite methods in geodesy and cadastre”. In the conference take part Dr. Jan Kapłon and Dr. Piotr Grzempowski with the paper “Analysis of usefulness of ASG-EUPOS virtual reference stations for national 3-rd class network adjustment”. The participation is connected with bilateral agreement between Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences and Brno University of Technology. More info:

„JUNIORSTAV 2010” Conference for Doctoral Study
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, organizes the 12. Professional Conference of Postgraduate Students “JUNIORSTAW 2010”, Brno, 24 February, 2010. In the Conference participate three Ph.D. Students from Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics: Małgorzata Jarząbek-Rychard, Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka and Krzysztof Sośnica. More info:

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