Tutorial: (Open) Real-Time Infrastructure and Applications in Europe (and beyond)
EUREF Symposium 2017, Wroclaw, Poland, May 16, 2017

Extent: half day tutorial with approx. 6 talks á 30 minutes plus wrap-up / discussion


13:00-13:30Lambert Wanninger
(TU Dresden, Germany)
State-of-the-art of cm-accurate real-time GNSS positioning
13:30-14:00Axel Rülke
(BKG, Germany)
Global and Regional (Open Access) Real-Time Infrastructure – IGS, EUREF, etc.
14:00-14:30Wolfgang Söhne
(BKG, Germany)
Real-Time Tools Developed by BKG (Professional Broadcaster, BNC)
14:30-15:00Coffee Break
15:00-15:30Patrick Henkel
(TU München, Germany)
Ambiguity Resolution for PPP and PPP-RTK
15:30-16:00Tomasz Hadaœ
(UPWr, Poland)
Use and Application of IGS Real-Time Products
16:00-16:30Jan Douša, Pavel Václavovic
(GOP, Czech Republic)
Usage of IGS Real-Time Products for Troposphere Applications
16:30-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-17:30Branislav Drošèák
(GCI Bratislava, Slovakia)
EUPOS real-time monitoring tools
17:30-18:00NNWrap-up and discussion with all presenters on stage