IGiG scientific seminar - Dr. Andrea Gatti
IGiG is pleased to invite you to a scientific seminar to be held in the IGIG library (100G) on May 23, 2024 from 9:00-10:00 a.m. The presentation, entitled "GNSS reflectometry applied to low-cost ground receivers" will be given by Dr. Andrea Gatti from Geomatics Research & Development (GReD), Lomazzo, Italy.

Find out more about our speaker and GReD team under the link: GReD.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday. See abstract below.

As the name suggests, the primary goal of any Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is positioning and navigation. Nevertheless, researchers all over the World continuously explored new applications for this technology, from the study of the Atmosphere to soil moisture estimation. GNSS-IR (interferometric reflectometry) or simply GNSS reflectometry is a technique that uses the interference created by direct and reflected signals to determine various aspects of the reflective surface. While the underlying principle of functioning is common we can distinguish two classes of reflectometry: reflectometry from moving objects (e.g. microsatellites, airplanes, drones) or from static stations permanently fixed on the ground. The main content will then focus on practical applications, starting with the process of retrieving water levels in rivers and reservoirs. Next, we will explore the development of soil moisture analysis within the framework of the European-funded project MAGDA and look at the preliminary results achieved. Furthermore, we will address the challenges of analyzing interferometric signals in suboptimal conditions, utilizing multi-constellation and multi-frequency observation data. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on the future potential of low-cost GNSS reflectometry in various fields, emphasizing its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

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