IGiG scientific seminar - Dr. André Skupin
IGiG is pleased to invite you to a scientific seminar to be held in the IGIG library (100G) on December 14, 2023 from 9:00-10:00 a.m. The presentation, entitled "Transparency and the Future of Artificial Intelligence: Spatial Perspectives," will be given by Dr. André Skupin from San Diego State University. Dr. Skupin conducts innovative research in the field of knowledge analytics, and his research and development efforts efforts have aimed at fusing AI-related approaches from machine learning with natural language processing and semantic computing. The speaker will personally give a presentation at our Institute as part of a several-day research visit. After the meeting, please join us for coffee and refreshments.

Developments in artificial intelligence have drawn attention to the challenges associated with the black-box nature of AI, notably in regards to bias, accuracy, and trust. These issues, in conjunction with trends towards monetization, platform integration, and end user adoption, are pointing to the need for new legal and regulatory frameworks. An example is the EU AI Act, whose evolution illustrates the need for a coherent definition of what constitutes an AI-based system. The Act emphasizes the role of transparency, auditability, and human intervention. As a result, explainable AI (XAI) is likely to rapidly move from being an academic research topic towards becoming a legal requirement. If geographic information science (GIScience), GIS, and cartography were breaking free from the prison of geographic space, they would be uniquely positioned to address AI transparency requirements. GIScience provides a rich enough conceptual framework to encompass both the continuous spaces of generative AI and the discrete spaces of knowledge graphs. Meanwhile, cartography could leverage its potential for story-telling and pattern discovery to open up AI-based systems to visual examination.

About our Guest:
André Skupin is a Professor of Geography and Co-Director of the Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS) at San Diego State University. Dr. Skupin is a data visualization expert, with 30+ years of experience in the global analytics market, whose advice has been sought in domains as diverse as cardiology, law enforcement, bioinformatics, and wildlife management. As a thought leader in knowledge analytics, his R&D efforts have aimed at fusing AI-related approaches from machine learning with natural language processing and semantic computing. This has resulted in several patented technologies that are the basis of commercial knowledge management products. Sources of funding for Dr. Skupin’s research have included the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Norway Research Council, and others.

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