IGiG summer internships 2023

The Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics presents a proposal of paid summer internships for students for 2023. The internships duration is three months. The titles and topics of the internships are in the appendix. The deadline for submitting applications is June 15, 2023. Please contact the tutors of individual internships directly (e-mail).

Internships titles:
  1. Development of an urban model for energy balance analysis - Dr. Paweł Bogusławski (
  2. Validation of microwave-based orbits of LEO satellites using SLR observations - Dr. Dariusz Strugarek (
  3. Satellite Synthetic Aperature Radar images for precise agriculture - Dr. Kamila Pawłuszek-Filipiak (
  4. Development of an operational service providing orbit predictions for navigation satellites - Dr. Radosław Zajdel (
  5. Analysis of retrievals from the GNSS radio occultation (RO) technique observed very deep in the Earths shadow zone - Dr. Paweł Hordyniec (
  6. GNSS observation weighting during the absolute antenna calibration - Dr. Jan Kapłon (
The monthly salary is PLN 3000.00.

List of Summer internships 2023 - detailed info.

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