Invitation for the seminar: progress in space research, geoinformatics and remote sensing

On 7 December, 2022, 8:45 - 12:00 is held the first 1st Poland and China Seminar series organised by the University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr, Poland) and China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT, China). As part of our enhanced international collaboration of UPWr and CUMT, the primary purpose of this seminar series is to bring together world scientists in the area of geospatial science and technology to discuss the latest development related to the disruptive geospatial technologies, including both fundamental research, technological innovation and knowledge transfer. The seminar series is hosted in the context of unprecedented development of the multi-discipline orientated cutting-edge research in the two countries driven by the recent progress in space technologies, artificial intelligence and internet of things.
The aim of the seminar series platform is to share, exchange and disseminate the knowledge and experience and main activities, as well as key findings in these areas of international importance.

The focus of the first Poland-China seminar program will include, but not limited to the following topic:
  1. GNSS & DInSAR synergy for monitoring surface effects of underground mining
  2. NSS seismology of mining tremors;
  3. Space resources exploration and utilisation;
  4. Multi-sensor-based atmospheric sounding / GNSS meteorology;
  5. Modeling and predicting spreading of infectious disease in human and animals, using
    mobility data;
  6. Vertical and horizontal reference frames

The seminar will be taking place through on-line platform: Zoom

Programme Overview of 1st Poland and China Seminar

The organisation committee
Polish side: Prof. Witold Rohm, Prof. Jan Kapłon, MSc. Damian Tondaś
Chinese side: Prof. Kefei Zhang, Prof Huaizhan Li, Dr. Dongsheng Zhao

Date and time: 7.12.2022, 8.45 AM to 12.00 PM - Poland (CET), (3.45 PM - 6.00 PM – China (GMT+8)

We accept registrations via the e-mail:, send the title of your presentation.

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