IGG and SpaceOs seminars - Varvara Tsironi
IGG has the pleasure to invite you to a virtual scientific seminar that will be held on the Zoom platform. During the following seminar, we will host Varvara Tsironi from the Institute of Geodynamics, University of Patras (National Observatory of Athens). Please find below the details of the Seminar:

Recent Movements of Active Landslides in Achaia (Peloponnese, Greece) through InSAR Time Series Analysis and their relationship to Rainfall Patterns.

Abstract of the presentation:

We studied the kinematic behavior of active km-size landslides at several localities in Panachaikon Mountain, Achaia (Peloponnese, Greece) using Sentinel (C-band) InSAR time series analysis. The landslides are located on the northern slope of the mountain and have been active for decades with severe effects to the local population and the road network. We processed LiCSAR interferograms using the SBAS tool, and we obtained average displacement maps for the period 2016–2021. We found that the maximum displacement rate of each landslide is located at about the centre of it. The line-of-sight (LOS) velocity of the Krini landslide (descending orbit) compares well to a co-located GNSS station within (±) 3 mm/yr. Our results also suggest a correlation between rainfall amount and landslide motion. A cross-correlation analysis of our data suggests that the mean time lag was 13.5 days between the maximum seasonal rainfall and the change in the LOS displacement rate of the SAR pixel enclosing the GNSS station at village Krini. We also found that the amount of total seasonal rainfall controls the increase in the displacement rate, as 40–550% changes in the displacement rate of the landslide were detected, following to a seasonal maximum of rainfall values.

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