Funded Full-Time PhD Studentship
Project: New Multidimensional Data Structure for Varioscale Spatial Model Representation
Funding: the project is funded by the National Science Centre (NCN), Poland as part of the research program Opus, project no.: 2021/41/B/ST10/03178
Location: Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland

Closing date for applications: 30 June 2022
Starting date: 3rd October 2022
Project duration: 36 months
Scholarship: PLN 60k per annum (gross)

3D models, such as building and city models, become available and widely investigated. They also become more detailed and complex. Analysis of such complex models, including spatial analysis, is currently possible with rapidly developing computing infrastructure. However, traditional methods for spatial analysis is an element, which lags behind the technical development. The biggest issue is to switch from a traditional approach to modern processing techniques offering much more computation power. Development of advanced tools dedicated to multi-dimensional modelling and analysis should bring not only better computation performance, but also quality improvement.

The aim of this project is to develop a new multi-dimensional primal-dual topological structure for vario-scale representation of complex objects and comprehensive spatial analysis.
The hypothesis is that a new multiscale spatial model together with the topological data structure used for implementation will allow for an effective representation of complex environments and spatial analysis.

To reach the aim the following objectives are specified:
1. To develop a new topological data structure for multi-dimensional model implementation. The fundamental concept behind it is primal-dual topology representation based on the Poincaré duality.
2. To develop a vario-scale modelling method, where connections among entities represented in a different scale are implemented as an additional spatial dimension.
3. To perform spatial analysis on the multi-dimensional vario-scale model which is related to the smooth scale implementation.

Entry requirements
  • Higher degree in Computer Science, Geo-information, Spatial Information Sciences or related topic.

  • Good programming skills in C++, Delphi or Python.

  • Scientific or professional experience supported by research papers, certificates or completed projects. Scientific achievements will be an asset, e.g. publications, participation in research projects.

  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).

  • Obtaining the status of a doctoral student (student of the UPWr Doctoral School) as at the date of commencement of work in the project, i.e. 3rd October 2022. The recruitment procedure for the Doctoral School should be completed by the end of September 2022.

  • Motivation to publish research results in high-quality scientific journals and international conferences.

  • Good work organisation.

Required documents (send by e-mail to
  1. Cover letter

  2. Professional curriculum vitae

  3. Copy of higher education diploma

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview (in person or on-line)
Contact: Dr Pawel Boguslawski, e-mail:

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