AGILE in Vilnius - CAMA Workshop - call for abstracts
Dr. Vanessa Brum-Bastos, NAWA Ulam research fellow at SpaceOs IGIG, is leading the organization of the "Context-Aware Movement Analytics" workshop in the AGILE 2022 international conference. The workshop is organised in collaboration with Dr. Anita Graser (Austrian Institute of Technology), Prof. Anahid Basiri (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Sabine Timpf (Augsburg University). The workshop will happen on the 14th of June 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the AGILE 2022 conference

The call for extended abstracts and data challenge instructions can be found at

We look forward to seeing you in Vilnius!

Summary of the workshop scope:

The past decade has seen dramatic improvements in locational technologies that can be used to monitor virtually any moving entity. At the same time we have been experiencing increased volumes and availability of datasets capable of describing the environment and conditions surrounding a moving entity. The surroundings and conditions of a moving entity compose the context that describes the factors under which a specific movement took place. Therefore, considering context when analysing trajectories can lead to inferences about the drivers of specific movement patterns and contribute toward a finer understanding of human and animal behaviour.

The conjunction between the increased availability of contextual datasets and improvements in locational technologies presented an unique opportunity to explore movement datasets beyond their geometric properties. Movement research in ecology and GIScience has now been shifting toward Context-Aware Movement Analytics (CAMA). Despite the storm of opportunities brought by CAMA, many challenges still remain.

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