Media partners:


name country e-mail role
Marcelo Santos Canada msantos@unb.ca President of Commission 4
Allison Kealy Australia a.kealy@unimelb.edu.au Vice-President of Commission 4
Vassilis Gikas Greece vgikas@central.ntua.gr Chair SC 4.1
Jinling Wang Australia Jinling.Wang@unsw.edu.au Chair SC 4.2
Michael Schmidt Germany mg.schmidt@tum.de Chair SC 4.3
Pawel Wielgosz Poland pawel.wielgosz@uwm.edu.pl Chair SC 4.4
Robert Heinkelmann Germany robert.heinkelmann@gfz-potsdam.de IVS Rep.
Jens Wickert Germany jens.wickert@gfz-potsdam.de Member-at-large
Joao Francisco Galera Monico Brazil galera@fct.unesp.br Member-at-large
Guenther Retscher Austria guenther.retscher@tuwien.ac.at Co-Chair SC 4.1
Michael J. Olsen USA michael.olsen@oregonstate.edu Vice-Chair SC4.2
Jaroslaw Bosy Poland jaroslaw.bosy@igig.up.wroc.pl Vice-Chair SC4.3
Yang Gao Canada ygao@ucalgary.ca Vice-Chair SC4.4
Charles Toth USA toth@cfm.ohio-state.edu ISPRS Rep.
Larry Hothem USA lhothem@usgs.gov ION Rep.
Ruth Neilan USA ruth.neilan@jpl.nasa.gov UN IC on GNSS Rep.
Witold Rohm Poland witold.rohm@igig.up.wroc.pl Representative of the LOC