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The airport is located approximately 15 km west of the Wroclaw city center. Please check the airport websise: http://airport.wroclaw.pl/en/ for connections.
By the terminal you will find a taxi rank and public bus stop (line 406) that will take you directly to the city center, leaves every 20 minutes to the Wroclaw Main Railway Station (pol. Dworzec Glowny PKP). The trip takes approx. 30 minutes. Night bus line 249 operates three times during the night. In that case travel time to and from Wroclaw Airport is one hour. You can buy a bus ticket at the terminal or at the ticket vending machine at the bus stop. The standard fare for a single ticket is 3.00 PLN, while students pay half price (small ticket machines are also located on board of every tram/bus and operates only on credit/debit cards, no cash accepted).
Be cautious in choosing taxis at the railway station, bus stations and in the city center. Always take an registered taxi (with corporation logos and price list on passenger window) and ask how much is a trip before you get in. An airport transfer should not exceed 75 PLN.

Station departures (pol. odjazdy) are listed on the yellow timetables and arrivals (pol. przyjazdy) on the white ones. Check the large digital display board for the number of the platform (peron). Visit the Polish railways website at http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en - which has limited but effective English language functionality - to check the times ahead of travelling and/or buy a ticket.
You can also check www.thetrainline-europe.com to check for European trains to and from Wroclaw.

An alternative mode of transportation is the inter-city express coach service PolskiBus www.polskibus.com. They connect 22 Polish cities and 6 foreign locations: Berlin, Berlin Schonefeld, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna and Vilnius. The coaches are usually equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.
You should buy the ticket in advance via the Internet, as there is no possibility to buy it in the coach. With an early booking it is possible to get a very low price (starticg from 2 PLN).

There are over 60 day bus lines and a dozen or so night bus line in Wroclaw. There are also over 20 tram lines here. To travel by municipal transport, you need a single-ride or season ticket, which you may buy at marked points or from ticket vending machines. They are located near stops and in MPK vehicles, where you can pay with payment cards only (including proximity cards).
You need to validate your single-ride or season ticket immediately after boarding a tram or a bus (including tickets purchased in the vehicle).
Ticket prices are: 3.00 PLN for single ride regular line (lines 0-33 for trams, 100-149 and 4xx for buses), 3.20 PLN for single ride fast lines (buses A-Z) and night busses (lines 2xx). Students and PhD students have 50% discount.
You can use http://wroclaw.jakdojade.pl/ or the corresponding app to check the connections and timetables online.

When driving a car in Wroclaw, you need to remember that many streets in the centre proper are pedestrian precincts or one-way streets. There is also a paid parking zone established where fees range from PLN 1 to PLN 3 per each subsequent hour - you may always look up the price list on the reverse of the parking sign. For parking in the metered parking zone, you need to pay at parking meters. ATTENTION - parking meters do not give change. Upon payment, the parking meter will print out a confirmation for the driver - a parking ticket to be placed behind the windscreen of the vehicle so that it can be inspected.
We do not recommend to use the car while visiting the city - You should expect traffics in the city center (morning ~7:30-9:00 and afternoon ~15:00-18:00).

Licensed taxis need to have a roof top sign with the word "taxi" and the word "Wroclaw" plus the side number on the side doors and the price-list stuck to the window. They need to be quipped with a taximeter and a fiscal cash register.
You may look up the phone numbers of taxi companies in Wroclaw here: http://www.wroclaw.pl/taxi
There is one fee zone for taxis, and kilometre rates are adopted by the City Council as maximum prices.