The permanent GPS/GLONASS station WROC (IERS domes number 12217M001) has been established in November 1996. The station is run by Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics (former Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry) of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (former Agricultural University of Wroclaw).

Originally the station was equipped with Ashtech Z–12 receiver and the Dorne Margolin ASH (ASH700936D_M) antenna installed on the roof of the building. In July 1999 lightning stroke damaged GPS antenna. In May 2000 the station was equipped with Ashtech Z–18 receiver with the Dorne Margolin ASH (ASH701941.1 SNOW) antenna. Since 13 April 2007 at WROC operates Leica GRX1200GGPRO receiver with LEIAT504GG LEIS antenna and acquiring GPS/GLONASS observations was continued.

In 22 October 2012 the new Leica GR25 recevier with LEIAR25.R4 LEIT antenna and GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS observations was starded.

Meteorological data is acquired using Paroscientific fan aspirated MET4A broadband meteorological measurement system with 30 sec. data sampling interval (originally two meteorological sensors LAB EL and Navi with 10 min data sampling interval).

The WROC station has been included to EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) in 1996 and to the International GNSS Service (IGS) in 2002.

Four types of data streams from WROC station are produced. Data in 30 s rates and transferred in 24 hours, 1 hour blocks and highrate to BKG and OLG Data Centres. RAW data in 1 s rate are provided to the Polish ASG-EUPOS Network Managing Centres in Warsaw and Katowice. WROC station also participate in the EUREF-IP Pilot Project and RTCM data are transfered to ASI, BKG and RON Ntrib casters.

Highrate, hourly and daily data in RINEX format are avaliable at:

Data processed by 5 EPN Local Analysis Centres (LACs):

  • Department of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland (WUT)
  • Centre of Applied Geomatics, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland (MUT)
  • Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. (BKG)
  • Institute for Space Research (ISR/ASS), Graz, Austria (OLG)
  • Geodetic Observatory Pecny, Pecny, Czech Republic (GOP)

For the permanent GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and SBAS observations the Leica GR25 receiver with the 3D Choke Ring antenna LEIAR25.R4 LEIT is used.

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